How to Get the Man You Want to Notice You – 4 Romantic Steps to His Heart

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Step 1 Be Assertive

Some guys can be very shy around girls. Maybe your man just don’t know how or doesn’t have the courage to approach you. At times like this, a girl just has to take a deep breath and make the first move.

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When you become confident and assertive, be careful not to be too cocky or bossy. While guys dig a confident girl, they would be turned off if you’re too arrogant. Approach him and introduce yourself, talk for a while and flirt a little.

Step 2 Communication Skills

Keep the conversation going. Smile and make eye contact when you talk to him. Keeping eye contact will show him that you’re interested in what he has to say and by smiling you would put him at ease. Let him know you’re someone he can really talk to and be comfortable with.

Listen to what he has to say and learn a few things about him. Don’t giggle non-stop and bat your eye lashes as a way of flirting, it can be very annoying and he might think you’re fake. Instead, laugh at his jokes and just have fun talking and show him you’re a girl with a great sense of humor.

Step 3 Become His Friend

Be his friend and get to know him better. Find out his likes and dislikes and let him find out things about you as well. Don’t be offended if he doesn’t like some of the things you like, and remember that you don’t to like everything that he does just to impress him. Find some common ground but at the same time there’s nothing wrong with having different interests.

Knowing stuff about him can work to your advantage. You’ll be able to know what to do and where to go when you two start hanging out. You never know, now that he’s familiar with what you like, maybe he’s already planning on where to take you out.

Step 4 Always be Yourself

Some girls lose themselves when they think about how to get the man they want to notice them. But the truth is, it’s always better to be yourself. If you put up pretenses, time will come when he’ll see through your act. And where will that leave you?

Make a lasting impression by showing him the real you. Be interested in what he does and likes but don’t completely get involved and don’t be afraid to have a different opinion.

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