Quick Makeup Tips – 7 Techniques to Speed Up Your Beauty Routine

We are often rushing through the morning sometime during the week, flustered from wanting to look presentable and getting somewhere on time. (http://www.dunhilllashes.com/lash vendors wholesale) Or, there is that temptation to just get to bed, even with makeup on, especially after a long day (don’t ever do that). Here are five tips to help lighten up your beauty routine, while still looking and  100 siberian mink feeling good.

  1. Use a tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 or higher. I use one with specks of gold, which gives a dewy glow and moisturises my skin at the same 100 siberian mink 100 siberian mink time.
  2. Skip all the makeup, just apply sunscreen, mascara and lip gloss. This will protect your skin from sun-damage, and give you an effortless, polished look.


  1. Use a three-in-one product that works for your eyes, lips and cheeks. It should be somewhat neutral, ranging from a rosy to berry hue. Vary the pressure and use your fingers to blend, so it creates more contrast rather than looking like one drastic shade. You may choose to skip the eyes and go easy on the cheeks, for example, and add more on the lips.
  2. Use your fingers instead of a brush. This is good for concealers, foundations, and even eyeshadow. It helps to warm up the product for easier application.
  3. Sweep a product with heat protection through towel-dried hair and blow dry with the nozzle facing down. This will push hair cuticles down and tame the hair while giving it some shine. Just run fingers through as you go, without having to use a brush.
  4. After washing your face, clean off any excess eye makeup with eye cream on a cotton pad, so you don’t need to wash 100 siberian mink 100 siberian mink off eye makeup remover again.
  5. Maintain good skin with cleansing and 100 siberian mink 100 siberian mink moisturising twice a day using a suitable product that actually improves your skin. Good skin allows you to go with less or no makeup when the need arises, and still look great.

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