Tips On How To Store Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are expensive; therefore, ( eyelash vendors wholesale) you should take good care of them. 3d mink false eyelashes 3d mink false eyelashes To help you out here are some of the ways in which you should store them:

Roll-Up Storage Bag



When buying the brushes, chances are that you bought them with a roll-up storage 3d mink false eyelashes 3d mink false eyelashes  bag. You should use this bag for storage. If you didn’t buy them with the bag, you should consider buying the bag from supply stores, drugstores or cosmetic shops. To stay organised you should go for a roll-up bag with separate compartments.

Plastic Or Glass Jar

Do you have a jar in your house? You should store your makeup brushes in the jar. To be able to easily sort out the brushes by size and function you should use a holder.

Plastic Bag

If you are fond of buying cosmetics you most likely have a high quality clear plastic bag. You shouldn’t burn or throw away this bag-you should pack your brushes in the bag and store them in a good place. The bag is of great importance when you are travelling.


Do you have a purse that you don’t often use? You should store the makeup 3d mink false eyelashes 3d mink false eyelashes brushes here. Before you store the brushes you should ensure that the purse is clean. You should also cover the brushes to prevent them from getting contaminated.

Tips To Consider

When storing the brushes you should ensure that you store them out of direct sunlight. Always remember that natural and synthetic fibres tend to wear down over time when they are exposed to direct sunlight.

Heat is also of great danger to the brushes; therefore, you should ensure 3d mink false eyelashes 3d mink false eyelashes that you place them in a heat-free area. This calls for you to store the brushes away from the chimney or any other place that has heat.

You should also avoid storing them in moist areas such as toilets, showers and sinks. This is to prevent them from getting moist thus promoting growth of bacteria and fungi. Moisture also weakens the brush bristles.

Before you store the brushes, you should ensure that they are thoroughly clean. You should deep clean them by submerging the bristles under water, facing downwards and then cleanse them with an anti-bacterial agent.

To make your work easy, you should spot clean them immediately after use. The best way of cleaning them is dipping them into rubbing alcohol or cleaner and wiping them off. You should then leave them to dry.

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