Someone, Somewhere Woke Up Today

The few seconds of ignorant bliss before the flood of thoughts stormed his mind; these feelings usually unappreciated throughout the day; but now it was his whole world. It was substantially earlier than he was use to waking up. Perhaps it was the sweaty bed sheets, or the irrevocable chirping of insects acting upon their natural chemical balance. It did not really matter by the time his eyes were open, feeling heavier than usual. As soon as his eye lashes began to part, it provided an irreversible crack in which the thoughts were impatiently pushing, trying to pour out and burst through 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash 3d mink lash .

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Letting out a small groan realizing reality had struck; not even the heartless can avoid such inevitable situations. Time was yet to fall back into its regular pattern. With a slight pain in the front of his lobe which only gave rise to questions as to what mistreatment he had self inflicted at some previous time, which turn his own body against him. Surely this detrimental morning state serves no greater purpose; besides a punishment or a warning as not to repeat negative experiences; which will most likely go unheeded. Perhaps mind, body and soul work on a level we are not aware of; but these are not questions for an idle afternoon on a hot summer Friday.

His eyes were open in no less than a couple of seconds, as he clumsily rubbed his right eye, breaking away the small sleep tears which had solidified. This mystery would never be solved; for he has not remembered a dream since his childhood.

A list started forming in his head, he was no longer blissfully asleep. He knew that any further attempt to gain a few more precious, desperately needed, glimpses of rest was in vain.

Lying on his back; he turns to his side. He felt the soft cotton fitted bed sheet from his mattress sticking to his back, which not long ago was heavily stained with the sweat from his forgotten. The thought was worse than the reality; whilst turning to his side, in the same motion, he sharply pulled his bed sheets over his weary body, making the sheets wrinkle free, a nice tight grasp of the bedsheets at his shoulder also provide a cool rush of air. Whilst turning he felt the fitted bed sheet below him peel from the side of his arm and down across his back in perfect uniform; like a wave slowly rolling up to a sandy beach.

The fitted bed sheet falling back to his bed into an unorganized mess, it needed to be remade to feel comfortable again. Yet he appreciated the coolness his back so desperately desired, while also enjoying the fresh spot he lay his weary body, only if his whole bed could be this refreshing. Perhaps this was the second wind he needed to get a few more minutes of gracious sleep in.

Time is never the same when waking up; for once our bodies fall asleep; we no longer have any concept of time or reality; our brain truly becomes a stage. For all it is worth, he could have been unborn or dead. The hot stuffy room did not hold him back, for he was still in the limbo of sleep and reality; not too late to return to the blissful, worry-free state he craved. The taste of the previous night’s cigarettes lingered in the room and left an even worse taste in his mouth. Making yet another fake promise to himself to stop smoking or to at least be more cautious as to the cleanliness of his air.

Even though these thoughts of bettering his situation seemed to be positive; it was once again his body working against him. Every thought entering his mind dragged him further and further away from his calm, blissful sleeping state, and he was gripping with all he had. It was clear, reality always gets the better of us.

Laying on his side for an incalculable amount of time; the usual questions entered his mind. The battle was over; Friday had begun…..

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