9 Secrets to Traveling Pretty

Whether you’re taking a redeye to a Monday morning meeting or a luxurious cruise through the Mediterranean, you want to look your best, even after hours of travel. Believe it or not, it’s possible to look fresh, even when you have to pack light or adhere to the airlines’ strict security policies. We’ve gathered nine beauty secrets for the pretty traveler-so that you can look as fantastic as you feel on your vacation (or fake it during that business trip) 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes 3d silk eyelashes!

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Get your beauty sleep. This is beauty prep work; after all, the more rested you are when you get on the plane, the more rested you’ll be when you get off-even if you have a hard time sleeping in uncomfortable airplane seats.

Stay hydrated-inside and out. Drink lots of water (altitude is no friend of hydration), and use a hydrating spray every so often to keep your skin feeling fresh. (We recommend the John Masters Rose & Aloe Hydrating mist or Pangea Organics French Rosemary with Sweet Orange Facial Toner. No need to re-apply your makeup; just spritz yourself and go.

Keep it covered. Pack a concealer, even if you don’t normally need one (lucky you!)-it will come in handy for last-minute touch-ups to smudged eye makeup or the dark circles that emerged after that redeye flight. We love the easy-to-blend Dr. Hauschka Concealer.

Go au naturale. When traveling, go light on the foundation to keep pores clear and your makeup from smudging. If you’re blessed with perfect (or close-to-perfect) skin, skip the foundation entirely. If you can’t bear to show your face without a little something, we recommend starting with a primer to act as a protective barrier, to keep skin moisturized and to give your makeup extra staying power. Sophyto has a great, moisturizing formula to try.

Don’t skimp on lips. Ditch the long-lasting lipsticks for travel-they might seem like a good idea, but they’ll just dry out your lips. Instead, try a base color with either a lipliner or lip stain, and top it with a clear or slightly-tinted gloss that you can re-apply throughout your travels for a fresh pout. Try: Suki Pure Cream Stain Lip & Cheek or Dr. Hauschka Lipliner, and top with a sheer Logona Lip Gloss . This is a great tip for workday lip wear, too-no need to save this tip for travel!

Let your lashes go naked. Mascara has a tendency to migrate south onto cheeks and underneath your eyes, so if you’ll be traveling (especially if you’re hoping to get some shuteye while on the go), just leave off the mascara altogether. It’s easy to apply a quick coat once you reach your destination.

Don’t neglect your hands. Make sure to tote your favorite hand cream on your travels-apply liberally throughout your trip to keep hands moisturized and protect your skin from the harsh soaps in public restrooms. Our absolute favorite is the Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream; it’s quickly-absorbed, non-greasy, smells divine, and it’s the perfect size for your purse or carry-on.

Give yourself a boost with aromatherapy. Essential oil is a great way to refresh your sinuses after being stuck on an airplane, breathing in all of that re-circulated air. Dab a little on your temples and neck, and then take deep breaths for an instant mood boost. We like Rain Africa’s “Focus” blend, with peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus and lemongrass. We also love Naturopatch aromatherapy patches, like the Citrus Fusion, which are perfect for energy when you’re on the go.

Pack light; but not too light. You’ll probably want to step up the glamour during your trip, so don’t forget to add some favorites to your makeup bag for when you’ve made it to your destination. An easy way to glam up a muted daytime look is to add a bit of shimmer; mix a shimmery shadow with your everyday color (or layer the shimmery shade on top) for an alluring look that easily transitions from daytime to playtime. Try Afterglow Organics’ Mineral Eye Shadow in Halo, Sage, or Lyric.

Bon voyage!


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