Makeup Can Help With Ruddy Skin

The right shade of foundation can help camouflage mild ruddiness. ( eyelash vendors wholesale) Choose a foundation with a soft yellow undertone, like fawn. Avoid cool shades of foundation, like a blue-based pink. Also, don’t use a shade that’s so different from your own skin tone that it’s obvious you’re trying to hide the  best double layer ruddiness.

To help minimize very ruddy skin, wear a green tinted under base, a corrective concealer, under your foundation. Don’t worry: A green under base won’t make your skin appear green. It will neutralize the red. You can find green concealers at some drugstores and most department store beauty best double layer best double layer counters. Other cosmetics companies make green tinted concealers as well.



As for blushers, ruddy skin looks lovely in a soft, pale pink. For a naturally bronzed look, try shades of terra-cotta. But avoid fuchsia, coral or orange blushers. On lips, soft, warm shades like light copper will most flatter your skin tone. Avoid blue based shades like fuchsia, or hues with a lot of red, best double layer best double layer like berry and brick.

On eyes, try yellow-golds, earth tones without a red base, even pinks. But again, avoid shades of blue. Women with ruddy skin should prime their lids with an eye fixative before applying eye shadow. A fixative will block out ruddiness and help shadow stay put.

If you have ruddy skin, it’s vital to protect your skin from the sun. Generally, ruddy skin contains less pigment and is more prone to sun damage, including premature wrinkling and skin cancer. People with ruddy skin also develop broken capillaries more easily, which can lead to even more ruddiness.

To afford your skin the best protection from solar assault. Smooth on a sunscreen or sun block with a sun protection factor of at least 15 every time you leave the house. Use gentle products that are formulated for children. Steer clear of alcohol based gel sunscreens that can sting your skin and aggravate ruddiness.

If unprotected sun exposure has left you with rough, red, blotchy skin, consult a dermatologist. They can prescribe a skin care program to rejuvenate your complexion.

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