How to Use Makeup to Cover Bruises

There is no question that bruises can result from many different things and there are different reasons for wanting to cover them up. ( vendors wholesale) Maybe you have a special event coming up and you want to look nice and not have your bruises showing for everyone to see. Whatever the reason may be, here is how you can use makeup to cover up bruises best real mink fur lashe .

No matter where your bruise is or what color it might be, you can use makeup to cover it up. You do not want to use normal foundations and concealers, because they are made to match your skin color, and will therefore not hide the dark coloring from the bruise. Also, do not wear the makeup too thick; it will just best real mink fur lashe  draw more attention to the bruise.



You will want concealers that come in hues of yellow or green. This might seem strange, but certain colors have been shown to cover opposing hues better. Use your fingers, rather than a sponge, to put on the concealer and blend it. If the bruise is really dark, you might need two coats of concealer. After the best real mink fur lashe best real mink fur lashe concealer is on, finish covering the bruise by adding translucent powder to prevent the concealer from budging.

Following these steps will help you cover your bruises and keep them hidden from sight. It will even help to cover best real mink fur lashe best real mink fur lasheblack eyes. Maybe you bruise easily, from barely bumping into a chair, or maybe you participate in a sport that allows for contact which results in being covered with bruises. Whatever the reason, you can cover them up and go out into public without being questioned or getting funny looks from people who are wondering where those bruises might have come from.


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