Makeup Application Tips and Important Facts

Every woman has a favorite way of putting on her makeup. My friend, Stephanie, likes to dab her foundation in little bits on her “problem” areas, and then apply her eyeshadow and other makeup. Another friend of mine uses her foundation all over her face before applying the rest of her makeup. Both women have one thing in common, they use sunscreen under everything. Personally, I dab foundation in some spots, concealer in others, and then finish with powder before applying my eyeshadow and blush etc. One thing I have in common with my friends is that I use sunscreen under all my products. I’m sure there are several people reading this and either nodding, or shaking their heads and it begs the question: What is the right way to apply eyelashes siberian mink?

There are a few basics which almost all makeup artists and skin care specialists can agree; always use sunscreen and moisturizers before applying makeup. I suppose that is why my friends and I all have different makeup methods, but have one common method: sunscreen. The importance of sunscreen is twofold. It saves the skin from being aged by the sun; it also acts as a moisturizer. The sun has many harmful rays, and while it may not be visible currently, eyelashes siberian mink eyelashes siberian mink one day the sings of sun damage will appear and most are irreversible. So it’s fairly universal to use sunscreen as a base of your makeup. The rest of the makeup application varies widely.



Foundation can be used to cover the whole face and even out the skin tone. It can also eyelashes siberian mink eyelashes siberian mink  be used in troubled areas to even those out. The benefit is having a lighter feel to the skin, and a more natural look. In the evening, using heavier foundation is normally unnecessary as the darkness can cover any perceived imperfections. You can use concealers for this purpose, instead of an all over foundation.

Concealers are darker and heavier forms of cover-up. Use concealers in extremely troubled areas. For instance, if you have dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep or a small area of reddish skin. Concealers are often used for birthmarks also.

For eyeshadow, a good moisturizer should be applied to the eyes. For a smoky eye effect, eyelashes siberian mink eyelashes siberian mink place darker shadows both on the lid and under the eye. For a more natural feminine look, pink is a great eyeshadow color as well as glitter eye shadow over the pink or white shadows. Apply white shadows to the corner of the eye and you will brighten and open up the eyes. There are many methods to apply eyeshadow for every eye type. You can find various application methods and videos online.

Lipsticks are a personal choice. I personally use different glosses, instead of lipstick. Lipsticks should be applied with a moisturizer and sunscreen underneath. This saves the lips from drying out. A liner will keep lipstick from bleeding into the cracks of the lips.

There is really no wrong way of applying makeup; there are only effects that can change how makeup appears. There are many places to find makeup tips throughout the web. It’s a good idea to visit a few websites until you’re satisfied with the type of applications that you need.

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