Wedding Makeup Tips And Trends

Brides fret about everything – ( vendors) wanting each and every detail to be perfect, and make up is no exception. If you’re not sure what look to go for on the big day, then why not take some ideas of the trends that are hot for the upcoming weddings in  fast delivery private label 2013.

One of the biggest trends in 2013 is the nude look – making it look like you’re not wearing any make up, but at the same time you look flawless. This no makeup-makeup look focuses on making skin look flawless as if it were entirely au natural. The trick is to highlight your best facial features with a bit of light contouring. The palette used consists of warm and natural tones, and it does actually use quite a bit of makeup on the face, fast delivery private label fast delivery private label but the blend of it makes the skin completely nude. This is a great look for modern brides with great skin and good bone structure.



If you’re not comfortable to go all-naked, then you can take the new classy look of focusing on one feature only. Gone are the days of strong eyes, lips and well-contoured cheeks of the 80s, now the new in is taking your best feature and making the most of it. So if you have beautiful lips then highlight them and minimize the rest. Beautiful eyes? Show them off, but keep the rest of the face toned down with nude or pale pink lips and barely there blush. This is an elegant and understated look, and guaranteed to be popular with brides in 2013. This is great for brides who like makeup but are looking for a contemporary look that will get them noticed.

For those lovely ladies in white who want something a little bolder, then the smoky eye look is hot right now. The great thing about smoky eyes is that the possibilities are endless and there are so many unique looks you can create. No need for the heavy, fast delivery private label fast delivery private label gothic blacks and grays, 2013 is all about color. For a modern approach for smoky eyes then opt for the more unconventional greens, purples or even blue. You can get smoky eyes with a colorful palette rather than going for the darker shades such as black. This is a wonderful look for brides who are full of confidence and want to make a strong statement.

2013 offers a wide variety of looks from the understated nudes, to fast delivery private label fast delivery private label the smoky eyed divas, meaning that each bride can find their perfect palette.

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