Fall 2009 – Top 5 Makeup Trends 40 Plus

Dark & Dramatic
Colder temperatures bring out label mink lashes fabrics and more layers in our clothing. We shelve our light and bright summer outfits in exchange for darker, more muted neutrals and cozy sweaters. It follows that, as our clothing becomes heavier, so would our makeup colours switch from barely there bronzed to deeper shades of neutrals. Your look would be out of balance with a ribbed V-neck sweater, tweed menswear-inspired pants, and boots with pale lip gloss, shimmery champagne eye shadow and bronzer for blush. As Fall approaches, go ahead and take some risks with a darker eye shadow and deeper lip colours. Balance your overall look by having your cosmetic label mink lashes and clothing in the same “weight”.


Makeup trends hphair on the runway and in magazines are not always appropriate for a label mink lashes in her 40’s or more. As I research with the experts for the leading trends, one Fall trend is a “no eyebrow” look: very dark smouldering eye makeup, matte skin, and matte nude lip colour. Can you imagine that combination on yourself?! Two dark, deep eyes with a pasty pale face, and lips that fade into your cheeks. Puh-leeze! Be aware of the source of your makeup trend advice as it may be intended for a much younger label mink lashes- like your 18 year old daughter. Rule #1 as you get older is to be discerning as to where you get advice about fashion, hair, and makeup. One such makeup trend is the 80’s, punk rock fashion in neon colours with bold eye and lip colours that scream for attention. I have always taught (and still endorse) that if you were around for it the first time, it is not for you the second time. That doesn’t mean you can’t take one or two cues from the trend, but head-to-toe 80’s is definitely OUT for the 40+ woman. After extensive research, watching the runway fashion shows, and from personal experience, here are Looking Your Best Inc.’s Top 5 Makeup Trends that are sure to leave you feeling label mink lashes, confident, and attractively age appropriate:

1. Strong eyebrows: Eyes are the communicators! They lift with delight and excitement! They show surprise, fear, sincerity and sadness. Expressive eyes without perfectly groomed brows is the #1 makeup mistake after not using skin care. If you only have time for one makeup routine, best to shape and fill in your brows with one shade darker than your hair colour. It will bring attention to your eyes, frame your face, balance a heavy jaw line or a full face, and give definition to a slim, pale face. Brows are the overlooked facial feature that demand attention this fall.

2. Smoky eyes: Fall makeup is dark and dramatic, which is easily accomplished with a smoky eye shadow application. “Smoky eye” doesn’t necessarily mean black and dark and Goth. Smoky refers to the technique rather than the colour. Choose your label mink lashes dark colour: if you are blonde, it will be a medium shade; a redhead or brunette’s shade will be darker. Concentrate the darkness near the lash line and fade to above the crease. Try this season’s colours of coppers, golds, and browns. For an added touch of sophistication, match your eye shadow with your nail colour. Oh tres chic!

3. False eyelashes: This doesn’t have to look like a label mink lashes line showgirl lash. When applied correctly, it makes sparse, thin, short lashes look naturally long and full. Luscious is the word to focus on. Skip costume-looking lashes with sparkles and funky lengths. Choose a natural looking set of lash strips. Cut the strip in half and apply on the outer edge for a flirty rich detail to your eyes. Now, this is drama!

4. Black mascara: Dark and dramatic makeup for Fall needs label mink lashes lashes. Apply mascara to the base of your lashes sweeping left to right, then brush to the tips. To avoid clumps, be sure to wash your mascara off every night, then reapply to clean lashes in the morning. Take your time and apply label mink lashes.

5. Luscious lips: Lipstick is the match that lights the face! Get over the nude lip and add some colour! Try this season’s deep burgundy, plum browns, or 80’s inspired hot pink! Yes, it might draw more attention than you are used to – but trust me, you will look fresh and well rested rather than pale and tired. Your lipstick colour didn’t draw comments because it was bland and didn’t warrant comments – it made you look older and worn out. Fashion magazines would have us keep a quieter lip with the smoky eye, but quieter doesn’t mean pale and washed out.

This season’s makeup trends are dark and dramatic for a bold sophisticated look of confidence! Looking Your label mink lashes Inc. offers private makeup lessons and instructional application techniques to incorporate all of these trends without looking trashy or age inappropriate. Call 780.451.0661 for an appointment.


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