How to Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

Start with a clean, dry face. ( mink lash vendors) Apply foundation and eye primer before applying glitter. If using solid glue, use a makeup applicator or Qtip to apply the glue above the eye lash in a sweeping motion to create the contour you desire. When using liquid glue with  lchina artificial mink fur  an applicator, apply glue in the same sweeping motion but do not allow the glue to dry up before applying the glitter lchina artificial mink fur .



If applying two colors, the darker color should be on the eye lid and the  lchina artificial mink fur  lighter color should extend from the eyelid to the eyebrow. Apply only enough glue to do one color at a time.

Start from the inside corner of the eye and apply eye glue to the outer corner lchina artificial mink fur  of the eye. Apply the eye glue to the entire eyelid. Close your eye so that glitter will not fall into your eye during application. While the eye glue is still wet, dab your applicator into your darker colored glitter and then lightly dab onto your eyelid. Cover the entire layer of eye glue. Once done with the first layer, repeat the application of eye glue above lchina artificial mink fur  lchina artificial mink fur  the darker color to the brow line. Apply the lighter color glitter in the same manner. Do not brush on glitter, it will smear. Remove excess glitter with a large brush.

Apply your black eyeliner to the lower eyelid and black mascara for a dramatic lchina artificial mink fur  lchina artificial mink fur  effect. If you prefer, apply false eyelashes, but this must be done before applying eye glitter. Finish off your makeup with ruby red lipstick and blush. Shimmer, Sparkle and Shine.

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