Mineral Makeup is a Friend

So you have already found out that two of the causes for dry skin are the dry air and hot showers. (http://www.covergirllashes.com/mink lash vendors wholesale) These two are not friends to your skin. But the causes for this are not only two, there are more. Two more of the causes for dry skin are soaps and itchy clothing light weight band 3d .

We used to think that soaps are friendly for our skin. But times have changed, soap can be a big cause for dry skin because it can strip away the skin’s protective oils as we use it more and more every day. And what makes it worse, soap that generate a lot of bubbles and lather removes more oils from the surface of the skin thus leading to cracks, bleeds and infection. To counter such a problem choose a soap that is milder and fragrance-free light weight band 3d  as they are more sensitive to the skin.



Then another cause for dry skin is itchy clothing. It is sensitive to contact irritants and exposing your skin to uncomfortable itchy clothing will only make it drier and itchier. To counter this, you should not wear clothes that look good on you but is uncomfortable to light weight band 3d  your skin. You should always choose comfort over fashion. You need to go with clothes that are made of wool or cotton.

These are the two more causes for this that you need to avoid. And light weight band 3d remember, you can always use mineral makeup for your dry skin because it is made of all-natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin even if it is dry.

Unlike dry air, hot showers, soaps and itchy clothing, mineral light weight band 3d is your friend.

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