4 Killer Cross Dressing Makeup Tips – Learn How to Cross Dress in Style

When you are just learning how to cross dress, (http://www.dunhilllashes.com/wholesale lash vendors) the idea of sitting down at a makeup counter in your local mall is intimidating. You don’t need to out yourself to learn to cross dress in style. If your goal is to learn to pass as a woman, these makeup tips are a definite start mink false lashes .

Wash Your Face – You should always begin applying makeup with a clean face. Be gently, and don’t rub your face. Use a good cleanser and rinse well to remove it all. Apply a toner to refresh your skin after washing.



Shave – Use a good quality razor and shave as close as possible. mink false lashesmink false lashes mink falcustom-eyelash-packagingse lashes Be careful to avoid nicking your skin. Shave first in the direction of hair grown, lather again, and shave in the opposite direction. This will insure that you get the closest shave possible.

It is best to shave immediately following a hot shower so that the pores are open. If you do not plan on showering first, wrap a hot towel around your face for the best results. Rinse your face with cool water after shaving to close the pores back up. You should wait at least 5-10 minutes after shaving to apply makeup. You skin needs time to recover from the razor.

Consider using a kaolin clay mask in addition to cleansing and shaving. mink false lashes mink false lashes Clay masks will draw out the impurities in your skin and provide a smoother surface for applying makeup. A smooth surface is the most important aspect of good looking and easy to apply makeup.

Moisturize – Dry skin will soak up your foundation fast and ruin the effects of applying makeup. Make sure to use an oil free variety. Moisturizing will provide your foundation with a base. Make sure to wait until the moisturizer is soaked into your skin before moving on to applying foundation.  If you are not allergic to scent, consider a moisturizer with a nice, feminine smell.

Apply Foundation – If you are using a liquid foundation, apply it to your mink false lashes mink false lashes mink false lashes hands and spread it to your face that way. Make sure to smooth foundation out with a sponge without pulling or stretching your skin, Be extra careful and gentle around your eyes where the skin is very thin.

Set your foundation with a loose powder. On hot days, foundation will require mink false lashes mink false lashes periodic touch ups.   Concealer should go on after the foundation.  You may need a heavier foundation if your facial hair tends to grow quickly.

Don’t be that “embarrassed man in drag!” Cross dressing is about expressing yourself, NOT about humiliating yourself…


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