What Women Are Looking For in a Man

If you are newly single and have been out of the dating scene for some time you are really going to need a helping hand because all the rules have changed. Luckily help is at hand and who best to know what women want is to hear this from another woman mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes  mink fur lashes mink fur lashes  mink fur lashes mink fur lashes mink fur lashes .

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Maybe the title I have chosen should have been “what women don’t need” which is what I will first cover first.

o Women need someone that is dependable and you can set your watch by so if you say I will be there at 7.30pm you will need to do all possible to be there at the given time.

o If you have just met her and there is a connection and you have gone as far as to ask for her mobile number you need to go to the next step and ring it within 24-48 hours of getting it. If you leave it any longer you will start to become less important in the woman’s mind.

Let’s talk about personal grooming:

Before leaving your house you will need to run a critical eye over yourself in the mirror. Yes I am serious, that blokey look where you don’t shave doesn’t appeal at all to us girls! In fact, I am 110% certain if you’re not too concerned about this she is, and as first appearances are everything and she can write you off as a possible contender for her attention in the first 10 minutes of meeting you.

o Hair clean and combed if you have dandruff use an appropriate shampoo to get rid of it;

o Nasal or ear hair is a turn off and goes hand in hand with wax in your ears and teeth that need a clean or a trip to the dentist, so get plucking and cleaning;

o Nails that are clean and have no grease under the nail

o Clean shaven and smelling nice, get rid of the old spice or any other aftershave you have had for donkeys and lash out and get something you like. Ask the woman behind the counter to help you there as this can be a little daunting.

o Lastly, it is time to do a little shopping if you have not done this for a while nothing will date you more than something that you have been wearing for the last 5 years! Don’t go crazy just asking you buy and new shirt and a pair of well fitting jeans and ask you not wear your old favourites that have gone saggy in the bum.

Now you are ready looking gorgeous smelling great and about to strut your stuff we can now talk about what women like now.

o We love it when someone compliments us but this needs to be sincere as we can tell a fake

o Even in this day and age where equal rights manners are at the top of the list, open doors and pull chair out from the table so she can be seated

o Easy conversation – meaning what you do to get someone to talk and let’s face it at the start getting to know someone is hard work.

What I found is if you ask open ended questions e.g. What made you decide to work in that field? or Can you tell me a little bit about what you like to do when you’re not working, favourite hobbies what you do to relax? All of these questions are open ended and they require more than a yes/no answer. The thing is people are more comfortable talking about themselves; just make sure they don’t feel like it is some sort of interrogation.

o Have no expectations of sex as you are building bridges to get to that to that stage, nothing scares a woman off faster when men go in for the grope there is a lot of ground work to do by getting to know her first.

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