About Natural Mineral Makeup

As a cosmetologist, I wanted to share some of my findings/experience with you concerning natural mineral makeup private label silk eyelash .

Natural mineral makeup has been around a few years, but it seems the average person either hasn’t tried them, and many have never heard about them. Basically, they are various minerals crushed to a very fine powder and used as cosmetics. They are in a powdered type form.

The main properties of mineral makeup are gentleness, long lasting, pure, and many have almost a healing type of action to various skin conditions. Of course you will have to experiment to find which brands are your favorites.



Personally, I am hypothyroid which means I have super dry skin, alligator skin. Doesn’t matter what type of skin care products, etc. I use, I have flaky skin. All my life, no matter what makeup I used, it would be completely absorbed (thus disappearing) after about only 2-3 hours of wearing it. I was also very nervous about mineral makeup because with having super dry skin I avoid powders of all kinds, plus I was worried about it making the flakiness look even worse. I was SO stunned when I first started using mineral makeup on my own skin. The first thing I noticed was after 12 hours of wear, it was still there! No makeup has done that in my entire life. The other thing I noticed was it did not look flakey private label silk eyelash private label silk eyelash at all, but very fresh and light. Another benefit of mineral makeup is truly it feels like you are not wearing any cosmetics.

I also have the challenge now of rosacea (extreme redness due to intense facial flushing). private label silk eyelash private label silk eyelash I have found the brand Aromaleigh to be the best on my skin. It seems to be one of the gentlest of mineral cosmetics as far as foundations are concerned. They also carry a wonderful corrective color of green that you can use under the foundation. Green cancels red, which is why it works on rosacea skin to cover the redness, private label silk eyelash private label silk eyelash yet be very gentle at the same time. I tend to prefer Bare Esenctuals however for their blush & eyeshadow colors, they are very beautiful and perform so well.

Whatever brand you go for, here are a few tips for using it.
1. Usually less is better. They are very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It’s common to use way too much at first. You can always add another light layer on top if you go too light at first.
2. Invest in some good quality brushes. They make all the difference in the world, be sure to gently wash them regularly.
3. If after using small amounts, with good quality brushes, things still don’t look right, or you’re not thrilled, next look at the possibility  private label silk eyelash that you’re simply using the wrong shade. Sometimes it takes experimenting to find what shade is best for your skin. I found with Bare Esentuals, I wore a significantly darker foundation than I ever thought possible, yet it was the perfect shade for me.
4. Be sure to moisturize your skin preferably about a half an hour before applying mineral makeup.
5. Apply all your makeup except mascara & lipstick. Spritz a fine mist of water on your face, then finish your mascara and private label silk eyelash private label silk eyelash lipstick. I find this “sets” the makeup and gives a very fresh, young looking appearance.
6. Play with the colors and applications. You can use blush colors as eyeshadow. You can also brush on your lips, then apply some gloss over top.
7. The eyeshadows will tend to look shockingly stark when you first apply them. Don’t worry too much about that. After you apply the shadow, take a clean eyeshadow applicator and use it to blend and soften the colors. They will soften right down to the perfect hue in most cases.

eBay many times have great deals on trying different samplers of different brands and colors. You can have a blast trying. private label silk eyelash private label silk eyelash Many different companies also sell small samples very reasonably priced to try as well. Remember, a little goes a long way. Have fun trying this wonderful category of makeup.

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