How to Use Makeup to Fake Your Abs

If you want to impress folks when you are exposing your midriff, ( lash vendors) especially at the beginning of the summer season, you might want to enhance the abs a little. If you are already showing off your belly, it must not be too bad, right? But if you want to enhance  regular mink fur  lashes what is there, just slightly, this is how you do it.

You need to be completely nude when you do this. If you try in your bathing regular mink fur lashes regular mink fur lashes suit, you will leave telltale signs that you faked it.



First, add some gold or tan pigment to your sunblock lotion, and mix them in your hand. Rub the lotion into your stomach. It will add just a little color to the body, for someone who is starting out the season. You do not want your belly to be too pale, or the makeup regular mink fur lashes regular mink fur lashes will not look real.

Next, use some mineral powder that is a little darker than your skin tone, and with a powder brush, darken the area where the indentation is around where your abs should be. Tighten your stomach muscles if you need to see where the line should be. Make sure your mineral powder is waterproof, and if it has some SPF, that is even better. By darkening the vertical line around the edges of your abs, and leaving the center of your stomach a little lighter, this regular mink fur lashes regular mink fur lashes creates some better definition of where your abdominal muscles are.

Finally, in order to create an even better look, we will add some shimmering dust which adds a little shine to the abs. This gives a more three-dimensional look to them. Apply the shimmer to the same darkened line where you applied the mineral powder, and then again regular mink fur lashes regular mink fur lashes lightly on the middle of your stomach. Make sure you use a clean brush to blend everything together so it does not look too fake.

Remember that this will not be waterproof, so if you get in the pool or go swimming in the ocean, it will wash off. However, it is a good start for the season until you can get a better tan which will help enhance the abs naturally.


Article Source: hphair

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