Iman Makeup – Is Iman Makeup Really That Good?

You may or may not know that Iman was a former black model and was also the first black woman to appear on the front cover of vogue magazine. ( vendor) Naturally, this launched her to super-stardom amongst the modelling crowd. It was back in 1994, when she realised that the current cosmetics market at the time did not really have that much in the way of decent products for black skin tone and color, so she launched her own range of silk eyelashes manufacturer  cosmetics – Iman makeup.

The key secret to the success of Iman’s products is the fact that she offers a range of cosmetics to suit all types of skin tone and color, something that no other cosmetic range had offered fully before. It has been heralded by black women all over silk eyelashes manufacturer silk eyelashes manufacturer the globe, but just how good is Iman makeup? Well, we put some if it to the test and have compiled the results below for you to make your own mind up:



Tinted Moisturiser

A lot of moisturisers don’t seem to give that good a coverage, so it would be interesting to see if Iman’s range would be any better, and fortunately this product really delivers and we were able to use far less to cover our faces than with other products on the market. Another advantage of this product, is that it appeared to cover a lot more of the blemishes than some of the other competing brands. This really makes it a great silk eyelashes manufacturer silk eyelashes manufacturer moisturiser and we recommend you try it and see for yourself.


The quality of the lipstick from Iman makeup is definitely comparable to other decent brands out there, but the main plus point here is that there is a much greater range of brown base colours to really bring out the lips against black skin. This is something that a lot of the other leading brands don’t offer as well and it was great to finally see a decent range that we can use and choose from.

Eye Shadow

Again, Iman offers a great range of colours with her silk eyelashes manufacturer silk eyelashes manufacturer eye makeup range, from purples and greens through to browns. Other leading brands do offer these colours but there are not always as cheap as some of the other more traditional colours. The eye shadow was very affordable indeed, even for the more specialist colours, great stuff indeed.

Other great bonus points for Iman makeup products, are the fact that you can get these products in gift packs that usually contain a few different colours, so you are always certain to find something in there to suit your taste. Given all of this isilk eyelashes manufacturer silk eyelashes manufacturer nformation – we give Iman 4.5 out of 5 for her product range, it’s definitely worth checking out and giving it a go. We will never go back to what we used before, that’s for sure.

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