How To Apply Makeup For Photoshoots

Most people know how to apply makeup for everyday use, ( lash vendor) but when it comes to wholesale mink lashes  applying beauty pro wholesale mink lashes ducts to look good in photography or for Model shoots there is a little more work involved siberian mink lashes  .

Applying makeup for photoshoots isn’t that difficult to learn. Here are a few tips and techniques to get you on your way siberian mink lashes  .

Good Base Coat


A good base foundation is essential. There are foundations out there that are especially made for photography shoots. One of the best ones at a reasonable price is Revlon Photoready foundation. This has a HD included which reflects of the camera light. When you have a good foundation apply this generously. Think the way you would apply a foundation wholesale mink lashes  for going out on the town for a night out. When thinking about the color to apply always match the foundation to your chin and neck. If you don’t get this right, the camera will pick it up.

Applying Concealer

Next step is concealer, this is very important for hiding those under eye circles,  wholesale mink lashes scars, and colour imperfections. The concealer you use will need to be 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone. Most skin types need extra concealer for different tones of skin. As with the foundation apply extra on those areas that need more attention. This is needed to hide blemishes and lighten and brighten the eyes. Some people put this on before foundation but this can also be done after applying foundation.

Applying Powder


Natural look in photography shoots need a good powder to finish of the base look. As with the foundation you can buy face powders that are especially made for photography. Revlon does the Photoready powders to create a great photo finish. The powder is a very important part as this will stop any shine on your face; this will set the foundation and concealer. Powder will give you the perfect matte looking siberian mink lashes  siberian mink lashes  face. Get a powder to match your foundation. Use a shade lighter for under the eyes, this will prevent dark eyes showing on camera.

It doesn’t matter that you look like you have put a ton of cement on your face. Photography lightning will make this look natural. In fact, you will look flawless on camera.

Applying Blusher

Blusher should be applied heavier than usual; you want this to be precise. Not t wholesale mink lashes oo heavy that it shows up too strongly siberian mink lashes  siberian mink lashes  on your photos. Blusher should be swept across the cheek bone. You can also add a blusher highlighter on top of your blusher; this will highlight your cheek bones in your pictures creating a higher cheek bone image.

Eye makeup

Eyes need to be really worked on; good eye makeup will draw you into the picture. When using eye makeup, siberian mink lashes  siberian mink lashes  start at the outer line and work your way towards the inner part. Go across about ¾ of the way; give this a couple of coatings as this will line and bring out the eye.


You want to keep this light as this will bring out the eyes. Darker shades will not wholesale mink lashes  bring out eye shade as much on camera. The lights shades brighten up the eyes and draw the camera into this area. Be sure to wear an eye color that compliments what your eye shade and what you’re wearing.

Lip Color


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